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Foraging Toys Based on Bird Size:
     For Small Birds: Peek-A-Boo Toy because it hangs and is easiest
                              to open; the bird just lifts the cone to get the
                              treat or small toy.      
     Mid Sized Birds: All toy are good for most mid-sized birds. 
                              However, most cockatoos and some other
                              larger birds will break the Peek-A-Boo Toy.
     Large Birds: Toys with a plastic cone are not recommended.
                              See the PVC Foraging Toys.
     For Cockatoos and Some Big Birds:  See Locked Up Loot (on
                              this page).  It's more durable and challenging
                              to open.     
-- For several simple foraging toys see Quick Shop - Foraging Sampler  
Simple foraging toy

Peek-A-Boo Toy
Hanging Toy

Peek-A-Boo Toy open -- place treats or small toys inside.  Easy puzzle toy.
Insert toy or treat

1. Peek-A-Boo Hanging Foraging Dish™ Toys
Price: $15.95

Clear dish with a cone and ring strung on a bird safe metal chain with O-rings. Assorted colors.  Bird has to lift the cone to get the treat. This is a simple (easy to solve) foraging puzzle.

TIP: Make this toy more challenging by threading a piece of
leather lace through the chain just above the bead.


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Durability:  Dish is very durable (4). 
Cone and ring are destructible (2).
Locked Up Loot Toy
is HIGHLY recommended for mechanically skilled birds like cockatoos.

Locked Up Loot Treat Dish
Locked Up Loot Foraging Dish™ Toy

click to enlarge photo
Sam wth the toy.  Sam is Liz Wilson's (well known bird author) bird.
Sam, Liz Wilson's
blue & gold macaw
with her Locked Up
Loot Toy 
(This one is fastened with a leather lace.)

2.  Locked Up Loot Foraging Dish™ Toy
Price: $28.95

BEST TOY FOR COCKATOOS (and other birds that
like to take apart wing nuts).

Can your bird "break in" and get the loot?

Recommended for intelligent, mechanically skilled
birds who are bored with simple puzzle toys.  More challenge?  Add the optional accessory pack.

Clear dish with acrylic lid held in place with
stainless steel
bolt and wing nut and large beads. 
All strung on a bird safe metal chain with O-rings. Assorted colors.  Bird must remove bolt and lift lid
to get the treat.  The wing nut can be positioned
at the top (easier to open) or bottom (more
difficult) of the dish.


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Durability:  5, plastic dish, acrylic lid, and hardware are
all virtually indestructible. 

Selecting Foraging Toys for Your Birds

All birds like to solve puzzles and find treats.   Simple foraging toys are good for most birds.  We recommend a mix of foot toys and hanging toys.  Also, some foraging toys should be the kind your bird can destroy (wood, paper, and other natural materials) -- that's what they do in the wild.  

Changing the Difficulty Level.  Toys can be made easier or more difficult for your bird to open by adding layers of material that block the treat or loosening parts to make it easier.

Difficult Foraging Toys.  Cockatoos tend to be very "mechanical" (they like to take nuts and bolts apart) and like the most complex toys.  They enjoy the challenge of the Locked Up Loot Toy.   Simple foraging toys like Peek-A-Boo may be too easy for a cockatoo.

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