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Some of Our Favorite Toys
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Owner of Birds Just Wanna Have Fun
Kit Manchester
Birds Just Wanna
Have Fun

Toy Selection

Toy Making

Locked Up Loot Treat Dish
Locked Up Loot Foraging Toy
Recommended for intelligent, mechanically skilled birds bored with simple puzzle toys.
Foraging Toys
Fantasy Ball with an African Grey

Fantasy Ball Toy
This is a destructible toy.  Some birds take
it apart in an afternoon.
Fantasy Toys
Enrichment Toys
Birdie Bagels - sample pack
Fun to shred.
Toy Bag #2, Toys -- No Assembly Required
Toy Bags
Bags of fun.
Twig Balls 2" (6 balls / pkg)
Wood Twig Balls
For foraging.
wood slices
Wood Slices
Fun to add to toys.
Wood Chew Toys
Metal Hardware

Wood - Sets, Toys, and Parts

Wood Toy Sets - Quick Shop - Wood Foraging Set    
Wood Foraging Toys - Foraging Toys     Cage-Mounted Foraging Cups
Wood Enrichment Toys - Index - Chew Toys     Wood Foot Toys
Wood Bird Toy Parts - Parts & Toys   Slices/Beads/Balls/Spools/Wheels 
Blocks (ABC) Beads & Toothpicks
Bird Toy Parts
Wood Toy Parts
Leather Toy Parts
The Secondhand Parrot by Mattie Sue Athan and Dianalee Deter Training the Parrot DVD 
Books and DVDs  
Learn more about birds.
Ring Toss Game
Props and Clickers
Fun to teach your bird.

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